Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Card 2006




You know the story

Tell the story

BE the story

Here’s our story:

Phil went to the Holy Land where he told biblical stories and heard stories of God’s present day faithfulness in that troubled land. Phil is writing a book and already has a contract for its publication. He’s in his 8th year (now associate professor) teaching theology at TLU.

Lori is now pastor of Living Word Lutheran Church in Buda/Kyle, Texas. It’s her first solo call, and she’s loving it. She “lived” at the Alamodome this July, working at the National Youth Gathering, which was life-changing (for her and 50,000 teenagers).
To see what I’m into, go to

Luisa just turned 13! She loves playing percussion in the Miller Junior High band, and is having a great year in 7th grade. She and her friend have a small business called “Duckorations” creating purses and wallets from duct tape.

Luke has played his violin in many places this year, including on a barge floating down the Riverwalk, for the Ruge anniversary, in nursing homes, at school and church. He also continues piano lessons and karate. He’s in 4th grade at Crockett Elementary.

Jason, our part-time family member, has completed his first semester at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Chicago. He loves it and is doing well—we’re very proud of him.

May Holy Peace be yours this Christmas


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous Marilee said...

How wonderful to find you on the web! Best way for a Christmas card/letter -- now I know how to find you!

May your family and your congregation be blessed this year!

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Olivia-Beth said...

I love Luke's bowtie. It's so cute. You should post this on facebook. Don't tell him I said it was cute. It's very manly. haha :)


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