Friday, October 27, 2006



How many things can you find WRONG with this picture?

I went Christmas shopping the other day, and I think these dolls alone reminded me why I hate it so much. (That's why I went already in October; when the feeling strikes, I gotta go with it!) I mean, what does it say about our culture that we create babies getting married? They're BABIES. Of course they're brats, but brides? I think not.

Sigh. Do people teach the difference between play and real to their children, or do they hope their babies will get married so they don't have to raise them? Or do they care?

This was just so ridiculous, it's almost humorous, but it touched a feminist nerve in me, who often advises that 25 is a good age to *start* thinking about whether one might be getting close enough to being old enough to marry! Perhaps it's because my daughter is a bit old for Bratz dolls, but she *is* old enough to start dating. Or thinking about dating, at least.

May something ridiculous in our culture make you laugh and appreciate who and where you are today!


At 9:16 PM, Blogger LauraLu said...

Um, I think all of the Bratz dolls are ridiculous and when my niece liked them, I refused to buy them. I think they promote these horrible ideals for women that are totally unattainable. Be a pop star, or at the very least, LIKE a pop star, and then get married. Do Bratz have babies? If so, then their life is completed!


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