Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Real First

It's time.

One of my favorite things in ministry has been when a student stops in my doorway and says, "I need some PL Time".

I don't know. Maybe it's being needed, maybe it's feeling smart, like I have something that is useful. But really, it's the connection one person has with another, in which both are sure, for a fleeting moment, that God is present in that space.

I've been needing some PL Time myself. I don't have that office, that doorway, anymore, but I still have that longing to know that God is present in a particular space, when two, or several, people come together with needs, and gifts, to share. Many who have stepped in the doorway now live in different area codes and time zones; therefore I'm hoping I can recreate some space that is still accessible, in which we can share some PL Time.

And I do like thinking that God has given me something that is useful, and She may just be calling me to use it on the internet. Weird. I'm a very old Xer, but I sure learn a lot from y'all, and I'm not ready to stop yet. Besides, I have recipes and stories to share.

So, read, write, and let us continue to discover who God has made us to be--for now.



Tuesday, August 22, 2006